transfer - syntax: transfer(CH1,ROOM,options) 

Note:Transfer cannot be used in room or object progs. See 'movechar' for equivalent function. Transfer is used to send characters at the mob somewhere else. If the first argument is a CH variable, that character is targeted directly. If the first argument is a name, the room is searched for a character with that name. If the first argument is "all", all characters in the room may be transferred if not filtered out by additional options (see below).

The second argument can either be a ROOM type variable or a room key. The options argument (optional) can be used to limit the targets selected. With the exception of SEEALL, these options are ignored if a CH type variable is given rather than a name:

  LP_SEEALL No visibility checks, if the target exists it will be transferred. 
  LP_PLRONLY Transfer can target mobs also. Use this option to restrict to players. 
  LP_MOBONLY Only mobs will be checked when a name is given or the target is "all". 
  LP_GROUP When used with a name or a CH variable, will cause all group members in the room to be transferred. 
  LP_NOERR Sometimes a mob will want to transfer a target if it is there, but no target is not considered an error. Set this option to suppress errors. 
  LP_ACTIVEONLY Only transfer target if they are in-game. Players in note or edit mode will be ignored. 

   --- Transfer the char that triggered me to Aylor recall
   --- even if I can't see them.

   --- Transfer all mobs in room to legend-12, and
   --- all players to aylor-2. Only transfer players if I can 
   --- see them and they're active. Transfer all mobs visible or not.

Note: Builders used to the old mobprog system should be aware that transfer is no longer used to bring targets TO the mob - a 'summon' function exists for that: