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Last Updated  : 2011-04-08 04:46:56.
Syntax:  tierstats         : Shows set tier training bonus(es).
         tierstats <stat>  : Sets a stat for tier training bonus.
         wishstats         : Shows set wish training bonus.
         wishstats <stat>  : Sets a stat for wish training bonus.

Characters gain a -1 training cost bonus per tier.  This can be set with
'tierstats <stat>' command, where <stat> is the stat where the bonus should
be applied.  A stat may only have a -1 reduction from tierstat until all
six stats are used; a character may then set any remaining tierstat bonuses
on any -1 stat to increase it to -2.

Characters with the statcost wish (see 'help wish') may set a -1 bonus to
any single stat by typing 'wishstats <stat>'.  The statcost wish may only
be purchased once, but may be set in any stat, including a stat with a tier

You can see what stats are currently set with these bonuses by typing the
relevant command without any arguments.  They will also show up in their
own columns in the 'train' command.

Both wishstats and tierstats are removed and will need to be re-set after
classchange, rebuilding, remorting, or tiering.