Styliann joined Aardwolf in February 2010 after a long break from mudding, having first discovered them back in 94.

Having spent a very brief period in DoH, he moved across to Xunti with the goal of helping rebuild the clan where he eventually rose to leader, a position he held for about 14 months.

Having joined the imm team on 23rd October, he has just about got used to the change of pace.

Outside of Aard, he is a 37 year old from England with a long history of role playing games, LARP and a love of heavy metal. At one point he was probably the holder of the longest hair on Aard title, and is currently attempting to regrow it after experimenting with short hair and clean shaven as a look.

Varies wildly from either being silent to leaving you wishing he would shut up, but very rarely bites so feel free to say hi.