Simple Winds Of Fate

Basic Epic info.

Always pay attention to Leader commands.
DO NOT do commands before the Leader orders you to.
When you die, spellup, heal, get back to area as fast as possible.
Segments can be timed. So if a Leader says to return, stop what you are doing and get back as fast as possible.
Go read, it has all the general info you'll need to run an epic.
If this is your first run of this epic or you just aren't comfortable with it, tell the Leader. They can slow down a bit and also make sure you are keeping up.

Runto winds

Meet in the center of the area. Help kill the Branches mobs in the area.

Start it up.

Leader will announce command "touch obelisk, search floor". This will take you to next section.

Fight a mob, pheal.

Clearing books.

Leader will announce command "clear books"., if clear books doesn't work, go up and try again.

Fight a mob, pheal.


The Leader will announce command "stand;search cell;search sludge;search ice;search floor;search hole;push square;get key"

Go back up. Open doors around you.

Fight down a corridor. Pheal.

Open the door at the end of the corridor and go through to meet back up with entire group. Pheal the group.

Do your best Anakin Skywalker impression.

You will be given an Oath of Fealty. If this is your first run, do command "accept". Wear oath.

Wait for mob program to transfer your group to another section.

Use Disintegrate or Banish to kill Children mobs that attack you.

Do not pick up or sac items on the floor.

Hunt whoever is doing winds stuff in chat. Example: [11 Nov 21:22:21] (Group) Emilee >> Winds of Fate >> side[1] und, kaje, exo, wond, soberi, axo, wangi, soju

When you find them, stay there until this section is complete. Program will move group to next section. Pheal. You should be learning how to complete this section and participate actively, not just waiting for completion

If you receive a Pebble give to Leader.

Robbing the graveyard

In this section the group will kill a certain amount of Grave Robbers, follow the group and pheal.

Group will meet in the center of map once enough mobs have been killed.


This section is a mini-game called Tag. It is run depending on the day. It is part of the area goal. If you have gotten this far in the goal, the Leader will give you commands on what to do. If not, just wait.

Note: If the children are missing, check the 4 towers, the hide if attacked.

This is the End.

Last section is kill Lord Orittias. Shield up. Rescue. Pheal.

Leader will announce final command "nod hynes".

You will be given Fantasy Cards and transported to the area start. "Say Sage" to go to a room that lets you buy cases and store the cards.

Once you have the Oath of Fealty, hold it, enter, then nod essence. You will be transported to group. Oath only has 4 uses, so make sure to wait until Leader says to "Portal in".