Simple Transcendence

Basic Epic info.

Always pay attention to Leader commands.
DO NOT do commands before the Leader orders you to.
When you die, spellup, heal, get back to area as fast as possible.
Segments can be timed. So if a Leader says to return, stop what you are doing and get back as fast as possible.
Go read, it has all the general info you'll need to run an epic.
If this is your first run of this epic or you just aren't comfortable with it, tell the Leader. They can slow down a bit and also make sure you are keeping up.

Runto titan, mapper goto 38234, enter rift.


The Leader will announce who to target. To start, we need items from the target mob, web the target and pheal.

Ragnarok Defense

This is a capture the flag style thing where you need to control the flag(conduit) until it gets to 100% to win.

Staying in the center room will drain you of hp/mana/moves until you die. Move around the area and help with fights. Main targets are Cherubs, Executors, and Scouts. If you find them, initiate fight and say in group chat what room they are in from the center. Example: Group: Cherub 3s2e.

Once the conduit is at 100%, the Leader will command "everyone to center" return to the center room with group.

Into the Void

this is a rat maze kinda thing. You are looking for Guardians to kill. There are 4 and they need to be killed within a minute of the first one dying. So if you come on a low Guardian, retreat away until the Leader orders for them all to be killed.

Bladers will be given Void Blades that do extra damage to Guardians. If you are a Blader, it is double important that you find Guardians to kill.

Divinity's Siege

The group will be transported to the same room and restored.

The Leader will announce 3 groups, ABC, and who the subleader is for each of those. Choose a side, West, East, or North and go there, then follow the subleader for that room. Group will meet back up and section will start.

Leader will give your subleader orders in group chat. You will follow the leader without moving on your own. Pheal and help fight.

Groups will move down the lanes until they get to the end.

Aion's End

The last section is a combination kill stuff and mini games. In the beginning the Leader will command "Do Not Move" and then "Move". Follow the orders. Go to middle room and fight Aion.

Mini-games fire off occasionally. Attempt to beat them to not take tons of damage.

When Aion is defeated, the Leader will command "return to center". The Leader will then announce final command "say ready".

You will be awarded points you can use at the first room of the area to buy things using command "list".

If you die, runto titan, mapper goto 38234, enter rift. If there is no rift, say in group chat that the rift is down so someone inside can open it again. Once past the rift you can either wait to be transported to the section your group is in or pay 250k gold to cap to get instantly transported.