Simple Oradrins Chosen

Basic Epic info.

Always pay attention to Leader commands.
DO NOT do commands before the Leader orders you to.
When you die: c detect invis, hidden, underwater breathing, and get back to the group
Segments can be timed. So if a Leader says to return, stop what you are doing and get back as fast as possible.
Go read, it has all the general info you'll need to run an epic.
If this is your first run of this epic or you just aren't comfortable with it, tell the Leader. They can slow down a bit and also make sure you are keeping up.

runto room 7105 or door to NAPS mob. The entrance to the area is east of this room.

Sections are timed, so it is important to return quickly.

Make sure you have autoloot on and autosacrifice off. Sacrificing items will END the run.

4 Bosses

Enter the area by going East then Down. Pick a side, NESW. Leader will announce they are starting W. Leader will announce for South to go. Leader will for announce All to go. At this point if you haven't gone, go Down with your group and help kill anything in there. All sides need to be taken down within a minute of each other.

After all the sides have cleared, wait in the room you are in. Leader will come through and pick everyone up. If you received an Emerald, give to the Leader. Pheal the group here.


Leader will announce DOWN, go down with group. You will be given a Signet Ring, wear signet ring.

In this section the leader will announce directions. Follow the Leader, do not go those directions. Kill mobs and pheal.

If you received a Sapphire, give to the Leader.

The Big Loop

Leader will announce "wear signet, bow arb"

Kill mobs, follow leader, and pheal

If you received a Ruby, give to the Leader.


Leader will announce "wear signet, bow arb"

If you are under 50k hp, immediately sit and wait until Leader tells you to come down.

If you received a Diamond and Rune, give to the Leader

Leader will announce command "wear signet, bow arb, wear signet, nod treasurer"

Returning quickly is very important in this epic as its sections are timed and if you aren't there, you can't complete it. When you die run back to the area immediately, don't spellup, don't heal. Just get back.
runto room 7105 or door to NAPS mob. Cast underwater breathing, detect hidden, and detect invisible.
Wear signet, nod keeper.
Look at group name, the directions for the maze are the first section. Run those directions.
Nod keeper
Nod Keeper
Run D
If you have trouble getting back to the group, tell the leader, they have the ability to give you a full path to copy and run.