Simple Inferno

Basic Epic info.

Always pay attention to Leader commands.
DO NOT do commands before the Leader orders you to.
When you die, spellup, heal, get back to area as fast as possible.
Segments can be timed. So if a Leader says to return, stop what you are doing and get back as fast as possible.
Go read, it has all the general info you'll need to run an epic.
If this is your first run of this epic or you just aren't comfortable with it, tell the Leader. They can slow down a bit and also make sure you are keeping up.

Meet at entrance to Inferno. Do not enter area. Mapper goto 7324. A door mob will also be placed there, typically named Tronhii.

Start and getting medallions

Leader will give command "stare spire". You will move rooms.

Leader will give command "greet shade" You will move rooms again and be given an Ash-covered Medal.

Run NW, wear medal. Rooms are no-follow, so you'll need to move yourself. Do not go in any other direction.

Never take the medal off or it makes run harder.


Leader will give command "south".

This is a fight section.

Stay with the group. Follow leader directions.

There will be lots of fights. Pheal and rescue.

Runes and Orbs

Leader will command "autoassist off". It is very important to do so. If you ignore this and kill an orb, you are kicked from the run.

Stay with group while other people do things to progress the run.

Once orbs are completed, leader will move people down to kill Guardian.

Leader will give Command "autoassist on" and other commands. Basically fight, flee when weak. You can only pheal when in the room Up from the Guardian.


The next section you will pick a side North, Up, Down, or Center but not South. South is assigned by Leader. Go to your selected side and wait until fight starts.

Once you choose a room, do not leave. Stay in that room until all rooms are cleared and leader directs you to center.

Pheal during fight, retreat out and heal if too low but get back in as fast as possible. Be mindful, if you leave the room empty everyone gets kicked out and the section is restarted.

Fight Death

Leader will command "autoassist off". Follow Leader to fight

Follow Leader directions during fight, most orders will be to not fight Death until commanded. Aim other mobs that are called and flee out if you need to.

Leader will give commands "wear medal, wear lodestone, bow bura"

If you do not have a lodestone from previous runs, you will be given one. It is important for every run because it tracks your progress.

When you die, and you will, you need to return as soon as possible. Spellup, Heal up, then get back.
Run back to the room just outside of Inferno(Mapper goto 7324). Then run es2desw3d to get to Alai. Do not go past him. You will need to wait until 2 other players are there with you to get transported. Once transported, scan, and go to the group.
If you are waiting at Alai the leader is paying attention and knows where you're at. You do not need to announce you're at Alai. If the leader needs you with the group, the leader will send people to Alai - groups of 3 get transferred in. Wait patiently at Alai.