Why Separate Help Files?

Through my experience playing Aardwolf, I have noticed that help files are in constant usage. Even the most veteran players in Aardwolf reference help files on a very routine basis. During many discussions with friends and fellow clan members in Aardwolf, I gradually discovered that if specific features did not have a help file to reference; the features are forgotten over a short period of time.

I also discovered that comparing subclasses of one class to each other required a great deal of effort on the part of the player. A player would have to read the allspells [subclass] of each subclass to get a view of what skills and spells a specific subclass would get, and to compare to another subclass another allspells [subclass] command would be required. Then the player would have to go through and mark off all of the skills or spells that both subclasses had in order to find the difference. Another method of seeing this was done by typing allspells [class] subclass.

There have been many suggestions from the players on Aardwolf asking for certain subclasses to get a special bonus while using a specific skill or spell. However, in all previous implementations similar to this the players would quickly forget about the change because there was not central location for a player to be informed of the changes. Because of this, it was noted that Lasher was not very encouraged to continue making changes in this fashion. It was my opinion that the reason causing the discouragement was unnecessary and correctable.

What Is In The Help File?

Each and every subclass help file will consist of a paragraph briefly and vaguely explaining the subclass.
The middle of the help file will give a list of skills and/or spells available only to that particular subclass.
The bottom of the help file gives a brief, concise description of any bonuses a subclass receives.

The format of the help files was done by Citron, and I would also like to mention that her work with this project is greatly appreciated.

What Does This Accomplish?

The purpose behind this is to give all players a central location for identifying subclass-specific skills, spells and bonuses. Also, to give a more detailed description of each subclass.