Rumour has it that Aardwolf is THE place to be!

Rumour joined the Aardwolf in 2006 and only played sporadically for a year or so. IRL, she worked full time and ran an online business, which took up a lot of spare time, and was very active in the gym. After sustaining a back injury in 2007, she gave up her business and active lifestyle and went back to Aard.

While on the road to recovery, she joined the Watchmen clan, where she began running games, the occasional trivia, giving away spells and equipment, helping with CR's and generally getting involved in the general MUD community.

After a couple of years, she moved on, joining The Order of Light clan, where, once again, she got involved in the general community.

Rumour likes to build when she has the time. She is currently the games Imm and enjoys helping others with their events/games (read help subsidy for more information) and helps to administrate the Aardwolf facebook page.

Karrah is Rumour's pet project. Initially a pilot project, she was created to make video tutorials of the Academy. She has gone on to video her journey through Aardwolf and also has her own facebook page You can find her most helpful videos in the Video Tutorials menu bar to the left of your screen. Karrah has now moved on to the testport and is beginning to make videos on how to test and build.

A proud Australian, Rumour is a 50 year old female from the south eastern part of the country. Other than Aard, her favourite pastimes are watching DVD's, writing, taking photos and crocheting.

Rumour loves to gossip, so feel free to chat with her on the Gossip channel when you see her :)

Rumour Imm'd on the first of April 2011, and was mistaken for an April fool! Guess the joke is on her ;)