Rezit joined Aardwolf in 1997 following the demise of his
previous mud. He played off and on for the next couple of
months until the early part of 1998 in which he made Aardwolf
his number one mudding ground.

Rezit was introduced to the mud by Falemiel and played
on the mud for roughly six months before joining The Children
of Ba'alzamon
and attained the rank of Gholam before departing
in January, 2001.

On his birthday in March of 2001, Rezit joined The Order of
and has been there ever since. Rezit contributes to
the mud by being one of the most vocal members of his clan,
organizing and coordinating raids and Oradrin's Chosen runs,
and one of his favourite things, Q & A.

In May 2017, Rezit left Shadokil and joined the IMM team.\\