Rare Experience

Aardwolf encourages exploration and getting away from the beaten path by awarding bonus experience for rarely killed mobs. The longer a mob goes without being killed, the more experience it will be worth.

The 'rare kill' bonus now works in the following manner:

  - The bonus now increases more quickly.

  - When a 'rare' mob is killed the bonus is lowered rather than reset
    back to zero so it is worth revisiting a few times.

  - Experience rewarded for rarely killed mobs will now be shown separately.

  - This experience is added after normal exp is calculated. This means
    it is outside of 300 max but is still doubled by double exp and daily
    blessing bonus. If you kill the right mob enough levels above you, a
    result like this is perfectly possible:

     You receive 214+22 experience points.
     You receive 150 'rare kill' experience bonus.
     You receive 386 bonus experience points to test double exp.
     You receive 386 bonus experience points from your daily blessing.

  - Rare experience counters will now save over a reboot.

Members of the Psionicist Mentalist subclass have a special ability to help them identify older mobs. See 'help sense age' for more information on that spell.