Nebulous has been a Helper since the end of 2004 and has seen many newbies come and go. She enjoys working with the Advisors and Imms to help keep Aardwolf growing.

Neb has more patience for newbies on Aardwolf than she does for most people IRL!

Best of List

Best Newbie Theme Song: Epic - Faith No More

Best Newbie Question - 'wat do i do now?'

Best CR Area - Gallows Hill

Best Time to be Onduty - During the night (In AUS)

Best Helper Related Social - *helper ties with *headdesk

Favourite Newbie Helping Snackfood - Mandarins (Just just like newbies, some are sweeter than others, but in the end they're all small and edible)

Best Thing about Being a Helper - Seeing difficult newbies start getting things and becoming independant, enjoying the game more.

Best thing about the Academy - The new bees! Mmm, gotta love that new bee smell.