medit objectkey - for this example it would have been medit aylor-153

       Key        : aylor-153           Old Vnum:  66153   UID: 11161
    A) Keywords   : goblin aylorian tax collector
    B) Name       : an Aylorian tax collector
    C) MName      : 
    D) Room Name  : A goblin carries a large money sack that reads 'Tax'.
    E) Quest Msg  : 
    F) Story      : This is a great job.  I'm one of the few people that can make Ivar happy.
    G) Description: Description is set.
    H) Level      :      14         J) Alignment : -1700
    I) Gold       :      25         K) Sex       : random
    L) Race       : goblin          M) Position  : standing
    N) Guilds     : War
    O) Subclass   :                 P) Clan      : 
    R) Flags   : nostrangle, nobalor, confined, immsummon, immcharm
    S) Affects : nightvision, haste
    T) Immune  : 
    U) Actions : nasty
    V) Stats   :
    W) Mobprogs: 0 mobprog triggers - .
    X) Shop    : Mob is not a shopkeeper

A - keywords

b - short name of mob

c - not used

D - room name or long name of mob

e - only used on quest mobs

f - what the mob says when you listen to it.

g - description - what the players see when they look at it.

h - level.

j - alignment.

ok stop.

Before you go any further - stats and gold have to be set a certain way which is why we made the handy dandy page called

V3 Stats for Mobs

check what flags need to be on the mob, and what stats are by simply accessing the above file!

so for the above level 14 mob, on the v3 page, I can highlight and copy

   14 v;l 116;m 60;n 4;o 145;p 116;r 60;s 4;t 145;I 15;j 9;k 3;c 7;b 34;q;I 30 

and while in editor (parsing should be off) paste in everything from v to 30 and it will load all the stuff it is suppose to have for stats!

Continuing on...

k - sex - m f or random

l - race -

m - position

n - guild - class

o - subclass

p - clan - not used in general building.

R - Flags check on that v3 page what flags you need to have

S - Affects : nightvision, haste

T - Immune - any resistances?

U - Actions - does he do something?

w - mobprogs - this is where you go to load the mobs new lua stuff!

x - shop - only used if mob is a shopkeeper