Started originally in 2005, but left to go somewhere unmentionable. However like a lot of people I returned for various reasons. Aardwolf is a great mud that has something for everyone.

After returning, I joined Touchstone, a noPK clan. I'm not really into PK and it's one of the reasons I came back because the other mud I was playing was becoming more and more PKish.

I'm a firm believer the best way to learn and become better is to help others learn, so I decided to become a Helper. If you have any questions at all feel free to ask and if I don't know the answer I'll ask the other Helpers and we'll try and get you an answer. Even if I'm Off-Duty and not showing on who helper, feel free to contact me and if I'm around I'll help where I can.

On November 11,2012 I was blessed with opportunity to become an Immortal and now I'm starting a new journey.

  • RL Name : Jon
  • Job : Amalgamated Sugar in Nampa Idaho (Lab Analyst)
  • School : Boise State University majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Computer Science
  • Hometown: Nampa Idaho