Mud History

A long time ago I was bored with nethack and decided to check out other Muds. After some disappointing experiences elsewhere, I arrived at Aardwolf in 1999 (I think) in V1 and created Jerome. After changing jobs I quit and came back a few years later, finding the Jerome character taken and playing Elar instead for a few months. After a second leave, I created Jerome in dec. 2006 and stayed here since (at that time, the name Elar was taken :-)).

My thoughts about.....

the mud. I really like aardwolf for the witty and sometimes poetic descriptions and the amount of detail that is present in most areas and some mobs. Ever tried kissing a troll? Tons of things might happen. I have a vague ambition to create an area myself, but hesitate because of the amount of work involved.

Grouping/dragging. I myself level slowly, and do campaigns all levels, usually. Don't need to be dragged, don't particularly enjoy dragging. I will occasionally drag someone, just as a favor.

Exploring - my main activity. I try all goals, 1 campaign per level, and read all room descriptions, just out of curiosity. So if you are stuck somewhere, I probably know the way out.

Clan life - after becoming a helper, I wanted to learn also of the aspect of the Mud that I had ignored until now : clanlife. Twinlobe kindly took me in. I am not particularly interested in pk-ing and raiding, and I have particularly lousy war stats, but at least I get some experience in that too. Since summer 2009 I am a twinlobe member. A great bunch, a nice social clan. However, since I joined twinlobe I dont feel free to hand out any goal information, please dont ask me about that.

Helping out. - I did many CRs as a player, to help out. I am in no hurry and I like to do a favor. In the spring of 2009 I was asked to take it a step further and become advisor and helper. I hope to contribute, making new players acquainted with the mud and self-sufficient. I hope to be around for a long time as a helper, here!