Hunt Proofing

Concepts About Randomization The layout will change only on repop All exits and rooms have to be indistinguishable for it to work The difficulty is multiplicative

unt Usage "Hunt <target>" will return one of the following: 1) Your Target is <direction> from here 2) "Unable to find a path" if there is no path exists, or there is a portal in the way. 3) No such mob exists

Hunt (How It Works) 1) Hunt will hunt the exact target, not the nearest one. This is dependant on the room’s object key. For example, if you a clan placed 7 guards in room clan-0 and if one hunts the 7 guards will (hunt 1.guard, hunt 2.guard, hunt 3.guard, hunt 4.guard, hunt 5.guard, hunt 6.guard and hunt 7.guard) those hunts will always point too room clan-0. 2) If there are 2 or more equidistant paths to a guard, hunt will default to whichever path occurs first in the NESWUD order. 3) Hunt will show paths through locked doors

Hunt Proofing Using Portals

Hunt does not work through portals (one cannot hunt guards on the other side of a portal). In the above maze, guards in rooms A2, A3, B2 and B1 cannot be hunted from A/A1/B/B3/C/C1/D/D1. This is because A2/A3/B2/B1 are all beyond portals.

Hunt Proofing Using Equidistant Paths:

In this example, the shortest path from the random room (R1) to the guard rooms (A1/B3/C1/D1) is the same no matter which way you go. If raiders hunt the guards in room A1, the path that is returned depends on the order of rooms B3/C1/D1 and the jail. For example, assume that in R1 north leads to the jail, east leads to room A, south leads to the jail and the west, up and down exits go to rooms B, C and D respectively. All the jail guards will hunt north (the south exit is ignored) and all of the guards in room A1/B3/C1/D1 hunt east. If the maze repops once more, and the B and A exits are switched, all the guards in A1/B3/C1/D1 will hunt east again, but this time to B. One word of caution concerning equidistant designs: Although the path to the hunted guard(s) is un-huntable from the random room, once raiders are in the side rooms (A/B/C/D in this example) the path can be differentiated by hunting. This occurs because you can't have two exits going in the same direction to a room.