History 12

29th Jan 2006 Four new Imms added this week: Dirtworm, Timeghost, Xeno, and Xyzzy.

19th Mar 2006 The Lost Rogues clan added- first clan won by auction.

27th Mar 2006' Scry no longer works into manors. Shields were not reducing damage correctly, now fixed (and includes magic damage). Nochannel auto-expires. 'tpspend remarry' removes divorce timer.

12th Jun 2006 Clan donation bug fixed. Newbies now level 25 and under instead of 15, still 200 hours.

12th Jul 2006 Whitdjinn steps down from immortality.

30th Jul 2006 After a lot of work by many people, continents and the new replacement for Midgaard, Aylor, are live! Addition of 'bigmap' and 'coordinates' commands for use w/ continents.

13th Aug 2006 Longer timer on successful raids. Boosts to raided gear and enchanting. nofido' now 'nodeliver'. Note width 79 chars.

15th Aug 2006 The Gladiator's Arena area by Atreidess added. Siren's Oasis Resort area by Nikkei & Nasdaq added. *social will override game commands. TPupgrade command boosts older eq.

16th Sep 2006 Non-T9s now save a portion of their hp/mana/mv pools on tier (see 'help tier'). 'shelp random' displays random social.

8th Dec 2006 The Archipelago of Entropy area added (Gastro & Dras). New 'rget' command to take items from room instead of inventory.

1st Jan 2007 Special events can have random qreset- see 'help qreset'.

10th Jan 2007 Vitae becomes an Immortal of Aardwolf.

14th Jan 2007 Eclaboussure and Halo join the Immortal staff.

4th Feb 2007 Raid key bug fixed. Newbies start w/ 90% in primary weapon.

6th Feb 2007 Subclass coding begins! Class-specific dodges (blink, etc.) now limited, based upon primary class.

12th Feb 2007 Subclass command implemented, everyone placed into a subclass- see 'help subchange'. Race exp penalties removed.

19th Mar 2007 New subclass skills- totem spells & summon life for Shamans, huntmaster for Hunters. Tier class names removed.

26th Mar 2007 Eclaboussure steps down from Imm.

24th Apr 2007 Skills/spells improved for primary classes. Dodges for all classes again. Stat cap now 400 natural/600 adjusted. New ranger auto-spell, Gaia's Revenge.

13th May 2007 Rebuild fixed for T9 redo. 'help search <text>'. Paladins get Test of Faith, extra align-based damage each round.

30th May 2007 Empath skill 'Combat Empathy'. Bandit skill 'Entrap'. Mindflayer skill 'Slow'. Random object resets.

5th Jun 2007 Insanitaria and Eternal Autumn areas added. Into the Long Night area updated. Quadrapus becomes an Imm.

7th Jul 2007 All In A Fayke Day and Xyl's Mosaic areas added. Changes to Into The Long Night take effect.

15th Jul 2007 New subclass spells! Evokers get 'power project' for extra spell hits. Elementalists get elemental foci and elemental wards to increase and reduce earth/air/fire/water based damage. Harmers may use 'suppressed healing' to cut heal rates from spells, and priests can counter by using 'augmented healing'.

2nd Aug 2007 The classchange command is added, allowing players to change their primary class for a cost.

15th Oct 2007 Zangar's Demonic Grotto area added (Gastro).

Nov 2007 Development on Aardwolf V3 begins. No code updates on V2- no reason to do the same work twice!

14th Nov 2007 New Immortals! Althalus, Ikyu, Madcatz, Oladon, Takihisis, and Xaade.

18th Dec 2007 Qong area added (Gastro/Ninja). 200/201 quest target range expanded.

9th Feb 2008 Chaprenula's Laboratory and Chasm & the Catacombs stock replacements introduced. Masquerade Island added.

Continued in 'help history13'...

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