History 09

24th Nov 2001 Swho 12 (Total stats) added.

25th Nov 2001 Tell history added (tell -h). Remort no longer requires equip removal. First V2 clan skills added, Inspiration and Battlefaith. Wizlist redone to use wolf roster. Remort check added.

27th Nov 2001 Reworked cure blindness spell. Made spells aware of second/third cast etc.

28th Nov 2001 Added green death to cure disease. Dust devils and warhorses buffed, based on player's own stats.

1st Dec 2001 Dazed affect modified for spellcasting/pvp. 'Affects bad' command added.

2nd Dec 2001 Backstab success/failure reworked. Combined affects when adding stats to items. Air/earth/fire/water specials added and given to the mage elementals from 'conjure elemental'. Imbue added.

4th Dec 2001 Added remort 'commands' mode. Added 'saff bad'. Still in fairly heavy bugfixing mode after V2 golive.

6th Dec 2001 Added ftalk history. Added Baal V2 clan skill (Daes Dae'mar). Unique messages for backstab based on weapon type added. Level requirements on pretitles removed. Sweep/Hammer can daze.

8th Dec 2001 Aardwolf's 5th birthday celebrated. Mud averaged 420 online in 24 hour period, peaked at 600+.

9th Dec 2001 Wishes added - Nomarbu, nodirt, novorpal, spellup1 and spellup2.

15th Dec 2001 Cure Weakness spell added. V2 clan skills for Daoine (sluagh) and Twinlobe (Transcend) added. Reworked spiritual armor to add random stats. Reworked ring of regen to add random stats. Tanelorn clan skill 'extension' added. Rewritten the 'spells' command to give categories.

19th Dec 2001 Weapons wish added. Spells resists/ac/stats/movement/object and pets added. Hook V2 clan skill added. Rhabdo V1 clan skill added. Mobdeaths evil/good coded.

26th Dec 2001 Keepall and infravision wishes added. Colorset for clan announcements. Nosn war option added. Double command added. Rank 16 (total powerups) added. Masaki V1 clan skill and Crimson V2 clan skills implemented. Holy Strike and Blazing Fury spells added for Paladin.

30th Dec 2001 Campaigns added - see 'HELP CAMPAIGNS'. Shortflags option added. Rankings and counter for 'powerups this mort' installed. Keepflag items no longer count towards total items held.

6th Jan 2002 Extended 'quest sell' to include items that have been upgraded. Comprehension V2 clan skill added. 'Autodesc' command added along with 'showdesc'.

20th Jan 2002 Island of lost time area added (Citron). 'Areas unexplored' added. Disband command added. Aardwolf helm upgrade to add luck.

26th Jan 2002 New Aardwolf rankings added along with 'myrank' command and all rankings enabled. Shadokil V2 clan skill added.

2nd Feb 2002 5 new wishes added: Exprate, statcost, showscry, rebuild and passdoor. Mossflower Wood area added (Tsubaki). Quest appraise command added.

14th Feb 2002 Paradise Lost area added (Vladia). 'note from imm' added. Spell filters area, saves, int, con, str, wis, dex and luck added. Info clanonly. Now cancelled on entry to warfare and must be online when war is declared to take part.

3rd Mar 2002 Nottingham area added (Zendalonii & Rojaz). Modified quickling train costs and removed vuln acid from Diva. Silentspell roomflag added for warfare prep and recall. 'Email private' option added.

10th Mar 2002 New version of Diamond Reach area added. Clan based rankings added ('rank <clanname>'). Roster automatically purges at reboot. Auction 'set high' option added.

30th Mar 2002 Tree of life area added (Faylen). Added 'duration' wish. Topspells command added. .li/.lr/.ld editor commands added. Nopassdoor/exprate and echo commands added. Imperium V2 clan skill added.

28th Apr 2002 Dark Temple of Zyian area added. (Rundveldt). Linkdead flags added to 'who'.

5th May 2002 Artificiers Mayhem area added. (Korridel). Noclose flag for doors and clanmaze room flags added, preparing for raiding.

16th Jun 2002 Icy Caldera of Mauldoon area added. (Valkur/Vladia). Black Lagoon area addded. (Dirtworm). Retribution V2 clan skill (Vendetta) added.

19th Jun 2002 Aardwolf decides to leave Mudservices and aim for a dedicated T1. Bandwidth is a steady 400/500kbits/sec.

6th Jul 2002 The Scarred Lands area added. (Jardin). Hotel Orlando area added (Citron). Masaki V2 clan skill added.

31st Jul 2002 Aardwolf's T1 circuit was installed. New machines for mud and a backup/builders port machine. 1 gig RAM now available for use. We now also have 'www.aardmud.org' and 'www.l33tmud.org'

16th Aug 2002 After having a faulty Router (CISCO 1720) replaced, we are now fully live on the T1. Machine and connection speed rocking so far :)

19th Aug 2002 Tell history increased to 20. Claninfo board added. Watchmen V2 clan skill added (intervention). Vanir V2 clan skill added (Trickery). Who evil/good/neutral added.

25th Aug 2002 Nanjiki Ruins area added. (Kahr). Gold running code added, big changes to gold rewards, see 'HELP GOLD'. Destroy command added. Setsn and yesnewbie commands added (imm/helper only).

4th Sep 2002 Friend slots increased to 60. PK rewrite started.

19th Sep 2002 PK write goes in for testing on port 5000. Lots of changes.

21st Sep 2002 Eighteenth Dynasty area added (Vladia). The Astral Travels area added (Trippitaka).

30th Sep 2002 PK rewrite added. Included vengeance code (help revenge),new spirit shield spell, lots of skills and spells reworked for PK, daze enhanced, pk grace periods and the 'pkstats' command. Fairie Tales II area added (Citron). The Killing Fields area added. (ViolentJ)

Continued in HELP HISTORY10..

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