Help Buildopts

Syntax: buildopts <option>

This command toggles the following editor options on or off:

Noisy You still see game output while in the editor. As with V2 OLC, pressing enter will redraw the editor screen. Having the NOISY buildopt available will cause you to not be shown as "(Editor)" in who, finger, etc.

Noclear With this option turned on, the screen will not clear prior to being redrawn. This mimics old OLC behavior, and is useful if you need to cut and paste from the editor.

Commands Failed commands pass through to main MUD. (See Below)

The commands option is quite powerful, and deserving of further explanation. With this option enabled, failed commands will pass through to the MUD. For example you could use a channel or check mlist while still inside redit. If you then typed "medit sohtwo-45" the mob editor would open. You could make and save changes, and when you exited you would still be in the room editor.

Because of this it is possible to edit the same thing twice. If you are in redit, it is possible to type redit again and open a second instance of the editor. This is problematic, as changes in the second instance of redit will be overwritten when returning to the first instance. This is a "feature" of the stacking system, and as such will not be fixed. Simply avoid doing it. Note that this only applies to editing the same thing twice. ie: Redit while in redit, or "medit sohtwo-45" while already editing that mob. There is noproblem with being in medit for sohtwo-45, and then type "medit arena-2", editing that mob, exiting and saving, and going back to editing sohtwo-45.