Forcech Command Opts

     force - syntax: force(CH1,"commands",options) 

If the first argument is a CH type variable, that character is forced directly.

If the first argument is a mob key, either the first mob found in scope with that key or all mobs of that type are forced.

If the first argument is a name or "all", a search is done in scope for mobs with that key. Be sure to use option LP_ROOMONLY if you only want to force mobs in the current room.

Options available with 'force' are:

  LP_SEEALL No visibility checks, if the target exists it will be forced 
  LP_ZONEONLY Only look in the current zone for targets. 
  LP_ROOMONLY Only look in the current room for targets. 
  LP_PLRONLY Only attempt to force players, ignore mobs. 
  LP_MOBONLY Only attempt to force mobs, ignore players. 
  LP_ACTIVEONLY Only force players if they are in-game. Players in note or edit mode will be ignored. 
  LP_ALLMOBS Only used with mobkey - if this option is set, all mobs with the same key will be forced - this replaces 'mob vforce'. 
  LP_GROUP If a player is found and this option is set, any other members of their group in the room will also be forced - this replaces 'mob gforce'. 

   --- Force all my guards to wield their sword, this room only
   force("aylor-212","wield sword",LP_ALLMOBS+LP_SEEALL+LP_ZONEONLY);

   --- Force the player who triggered me to bow.

   --- Force the player who triggered me and their group to recall.