This mob is immune to everything! What do I do?

  Check these sites for weapons: 

  Hadar's Equipment Finder

  Look for a weapon with a changing flag (search for +weapon +changing). After a few rounds this should
  give you an idea of what the mob is vulnerable to. Be aware that some mobs are intentionally immune 
  to all damage.

Where do I look for speedwalks, maps and other general information?

  Several clans and players provide this information as a service to the mud: 


How should I train stats.

  This question has some complexity but IN GENERAL if you are looking for leveling speed you should
  train your primary stats, str/dex (if not primary*), and always train luck somewhat since it helps
  with pretty much everything.

  *An exception is if you do not have many Aardweapons, and are a primary class
  spellcaster is to focus on your prime stat to increase spell damage.

I'm in Xyl, what's with this area?

  (The following answer covers the basics only, does not include AQ info)

  To get to the rock garden from the first room, say gardens.
  To get to the ether from the rock garden, find pink rock, lift rock, if that doesn't work go 2s, try again.
  To get out of ether, hunt rubber.
  To get to the last part (the area portal is direct to it) in rubber section, find rubber tree and 'climb tree'.

I'm in Helegear, what's with *this* area?!?!

  Hunt cold will help, but basically it's just really hard to navigate. Good luck.
  Check out the external links here: Helegear Sea

I'm trying to social someone but a skill is overriding it. What do I do?

  Using * before a command forces it to default to social so pat = pathfinding but *pat = pat 
  (the social). Using aliases can help with this.

I'm stuck on an AQ/Goal/campaign, what do I do?

  Ask for help on Q&A channel in-game.  Try not to be impatient if response is slow.

I'm having a problem with my client, is there a forum for this?

  Two, actually. Check tech channel for quick questions, board tech for more involved issues.

Do I need a client to play Aardwolf?

  Technically, no. However, Aardwolf is a complex game and having a client is a definite plus.
  Check out the wiki list of clients here.

Is botting legal here?

  No. Help policies7 explains the parameters.  Non-compliance risks the continued existence of
  your character.

Is multi-playing legal? Can I have a mule character?

  No to both. You are allowed to have alts (alternative characters) but they CANNOT INTERACT in
  any way. This includes passing items through a third party. More info in help policies2.

I need a corpse retrieval. I'm unclanned and I died. How can I get my corpse?

  First, try yourself. Next, ask on newbie/q&a channels. When you do, please include the following
  information: Where you died, what level you are. If no one responds, do 'who helper' and send
  tells to those who are above your level.  If none are on, try a 'swho 1', look for players with
  the [Advisor] flag above your level and ask them for help. You can also try 'who from cr', which
  is a way to find players that have added cr in their from fields to indicate they would like a
  player in need of a corpse retrieval to send them a tell.  As an ultimate last resort you can 
  retrieve your corpse by spending trivia points, however this is not recommended.