echo - syntax: echo("message",aboutch,options) 

Message will be sent to all characters in the same room as the mob. If 'aboutch' is set it must be a CH type variable and the message will not be sent to that character.

The variable $n is always 'self' - the mob the prog is running on. If aboutch is provided, this is the equivalent of the old 'echoaround'. In this case, the variable $N is the 'aboutch'. The variable $n is always the mob running the prog.

Echo does not capitalize by default - if you begin the sentence with a variable that is not a proper noun and would like it capitalized, add the option LP_CAPS.

   --- Send one message to char, another to others
   --- in the room about the char.
   echoat(ch,"As you enter, $n greets you!")
   echo("$n greets $N as $E enters the room.",ch,LP_CAPS)

Example: if the mob's name is 'a helpful shopkeeper' and LP_CAPS is not used, the greet would appear as:

To player: As you enter, a helpful shopkeeper greets you!

To others in room: a helpful shopkeeper greets ....