Death: This trigger will activate on the mob's death. It supercedes the death cry of the mob. This is done before the corpse is made, so the commands can be considered the mobiles last gasp. It could perhaps destroy the items it was holding or create an item, or cast a spell or even goto a new room and die there. This is not a way to create immortal mobs. However, the last thing this mobile does could be to goto some vacant room, load a fresh version of itself, drop all its items, force the new mobile to get all the items and wear them, send the new mobile back to the character who killed it and force the new mobile to attack that character. Along with a text message which said the mobile restored itself, is might be a convincing effect. (Note that your kitten could turn into a dragon this way too). You may only have one death trigger on a mob.

To set this trigger, use the following syntax:

addmprog <vnum> death <percentage #>

Example: addmprog 3001 death 22