Clan Maze Rules

Rules Maze Construction and Defense

1) Read "contents clan", all help files starting with "CDEF-

Limitations of Randomization

1) Marking

2) No intrinsic key-trapping

3) Huntable (Unless hunt-proofing is employed)

Limitations of Portals

1) Portals do not repop randomly

2) Guards do not automatically attack raiders who appear out of a portal (There is a delay. THIS IS NOT A BUG!)


1) All locked doors must have a key placed somewhere in the maze that unlocks it

2) There does not need to be a way to get the key to the door, unless the door is found in the path that leads to a clan’s recall

Common mistakes

1) Depending totally on random exits

2) Forgetting to place portals before of clan guards

3) Thinking in terms of only 1 raider

4) Having 5 exits lead to jail, and only 1 correct exit

5) Putting 4 portals in 1 room as a random tactic (only random on the first pass)

6) Forgetting to put a down exit to the jail

7) Forgetting to make all the maze rooms "air"

8) Forgetting to make each room identical (regeneration, clear graffiti, light levels, etc)