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Citron: An alcoholic beverage, or a slightly psychotic immortal on Aardwolf.

The seven most common questions asked of Citron:

 7.  What's the solution to Faerie Tales 2?

 6.  Are you really a woman?
     Rumor has it I'm actually a 450lb dude named Bubba who drinks
     shots of vodka straight and can belch the entire alphabet in
     one breath.  Only Terrill knows for sure.

 5.  Do you live on Aardwolf?

 4.  What is your favorite color?
     Yellow.  No, green!  Wait, I know this one...

 3.  Are you an immortal?
     No, I just play one on TV.

 2.  Will you kill me?
     No, the last time I broke a mortal, Lasher grounded me for 
     a week and told me I couldn't play with my weasels.  I won't
     go through that trauma again.

 1.  Will you give me qp/tp/gold?

Justme says - D00d - Citron is always around when I need her :) I wuv her. And she has the fastest coding fingers in the universe :) Citron I see nerf! Down a shot!

Althalus says: HomeTastytacowithcreamfillingandasoftshellstuffedfullofthebesttastingmeataround!