Charneus is a fictional character in the realm of Aardwolf. His date of birth is July 27, 2006, a date in time when all was lost with the MUD he played before. But we don't talk of other MUDs, so this article will not even mention it.

Charneus started out as a psionicist, and made it all the way through the first two morts as a psionicist. In December 2006, he applied to be a Helper, where he has been ever since. The Helper family has grown since Charneus has been a part of it. and he has seen the comings and goings of many a person, as well as the immortalizing of quite a few of his Helper friends.

In short, Charneus is there with an answer if you need one, when he's around. He may not always be listed as a Helper (meaning he's off-duty), but every once in a while, he'll peek in and answer a question or grab your corpse for you if you need it.

He also runs a few games, such as the original Deal or No Deal (which Obyron borrowed and made it partially his own with Charneus's permission). He also runs trivias every once in a while on gametalk channel. Currently he is heading up the NFL Betting Parlor, where one can view the lines on games for the upcoming week and place bets to possibly win extra money!

Don't be a stranger. Stop by and say "Hi!" to Charneus sometime...