cast - syntax: cast(spell,target,options) 

Used to cause the mob to cast a spell on a character or an item. The first argument should be either a spell name or a spell number.

The second argument can be a CH type variable, an OBJ type variable, "all" or a name. If the target is a name, either a character or an item in the room will be searched for in the room depending on the spell type.

   Options available with 'cast' are: 
   LP_SEEALL No visibility checks, if the target exists it will be found 
   LP_PLRONLY Only attempt to cast on players - only used when target is a name or "all". 
   LP_MOBONLY Only attempt to cast on mobs - only used when target is a name or "all". 
   LP_ACTIVEONLY Only target players if they are in-game. Players in note or edit mode will be ignored. 

  --- Cast fireball at all players who enter.

  --- Heal all mobs in room, including self.