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April Fools 2013:

  From    : Lasher: Reboot Today.
  Forum   : Announce - #1090
  To      : all
  Date    : Mon Apr  1 00:21:33 2013

  We will reboot later today. I decided it would be a good idea to post the
  announce in advance rather than keep everyone waiting, gives everyone an
  idea what to expect and ideas can be discussed up front.

  * All issues with Web have been addressed.  Spell duration has been
  increased by a factor of 8, as well as the stats that affect it.  Dissolve
  has been removed from the game.

  * Pruning clan maze size to 10 vnums, to reduce the amount of time
  spent raiding.  (Many people, discussions on the Raiding board)

  * Raiding manors will be introduced.  They will be given 10 vnums for a
  maze, of which must follow maze rules.  They can purchase up to 10
  guards and must follow standard maze rules with a cap of 4 guards a room.

  * Introducing Channel Police, in which a selection of people will be given
  the tag <:chanpolice:>.  They will be given permissions to gag and</:chanpolice:>
  jail as they see fit.

  * Law of gravity will be removed from Aardwolf.  This means
  anyone who doesn't buy the new Aardwolf Boots of Gravity (New item
  with cost of 10,000qp - adds effect "Groundbound") will be stuck randomly
  floating in Vidblain.

  * Fixing market auctions to introduce a new payment method: Poetry Credits.
  These are earned by posting poetry on Art and Bard will distribute these
  credits based on the level of poetry.  All plagarizing means you are banned
  from bidding on Market items for a period of a month.  (Bard)

  * Open Clan Black Lotus potions will have a negative side effect - all
  mana will be returned at a rate of 10 hp per 1 mana.   This means quaffing
  black lotus will have to be seriously considered.

  * On another note - we are introducing Dexter to the Imm staff.
  They will be brought on in a new 'pre-Imm' role at level 203.  This will
  allow them to do most introductory Imm tasks, but will not get Wizi.  Enjoy
  having a visible imm 24/7.

  * Letting players know when they are being snooped by another player (Phalae)

  * Seasons will play a bigger role in life on Aardwolf - When seasons
  change to winter seasons, all portals, recall and home commands will be
  disabled.  All rooms will suddenly gain a -500 HP and Mana regen rate, and
  unless you have a campfire and a tent, will slowly decrease until you
  perish. When winter is coming the dragon race will be available. (Romani)

  Please read the first letter of each item announced.

  (Lasher didn't write this, that part is true).