An alias creates a mapping of a single word input by the user to a string of text. In Aardwolf a person can with or without a client can set aliases into their player file (pfile). With "MUDside aliases" only the first word of input is checked.

To create a MUDside alias you would use the syntax:

   alias <keyword> <argument>

To use the alias you created, just type the keyword and hit send it.

alias junk drop all
This will create an alias to drop all items in your inventory not flagged with the <keep> command.

alias ball c 'ballistic attack'
This will create an alias to send the text c 'ballistic attack' everytime you type 'ball'. The MUD simply replaces the word ball with the text in the argument, which means you can type 'ball monster' and the MUD will see c 'ballistic attack' monster.

NOTE: You cannot stack commands into aliases. MUDside aliases are only meant to shorten long commands to a few letters.