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Pamphlet numberItemReward
1Johnny's Appleseed10,000 gold
2An Ancient Skull10,000 gold
3A Golden Truffle10,000 gold
4An Ancient Game Token10,000 gold
5Neptune's Retired Staff10,000 gold
6Percival's Retired Crown50,000 gold
7Photo of an F1 Tornado50,000 gold
8A Ring of Thandeld50,000 gold
9Petrified Volcano Ash50,000 gold
10An Old Coyote's Tooth50,000 gold
11Dorothy's Lost Earring100,000 gold
12A Golden Cross100,000 gold
13Skeleton of a Goblin100,000 gold
14A Rusted Coin100,000 gold
15A Rusted Trumpet100,000 gold
16A Coffin Lid250,000 gold
17Wedding Ring250,000 gold
18A Dinosaur Bone250,000 gold
19A Dragon's Tooth250,000 gold
20Unknown Element250,000 gold
21A Destroyed Mosaic500,000 gold
22A Silver Cross500,000 gold
23Lost Binoculars500,000 gold
24Pirate's Hat500,000 gold
25A Rusted Cleaver500,000 gold
26Wilted Rose750,000 gold
27Casino Chip750,000 gold
28Torn Visitor's Pass750,000 gold
29Ten-year-old Textbook750,000 gold
30Ivory Tusks750,000 gold
31An Oasis1,000,000 gold
32Skeleton of a Monkey1,000,000 gold
33An Ancient Stalactite1,000,000 gold
34Shoes of a Gnome1,000,000 gold
35A Torn Peace Agreement1,000,000 gold
36Chunk of an Iceberg2,000,000 gold
37Wings of a Harpy2,000,000 gold
38Petrified Tree Branch2,000,000 gold
39A Golden Leaf2,000,000 gold
40Writings of a Dream2,000,000 gold
41An Old Rope2,000,000 gold
42A Broken Twig5,000,000 gold
43Brick from a Castle5,000,000 gold
44A Rusted Belt Buckle5,000,000 gold
45A Biblical Textbook10,000,000 gold
46Frozen Flames10,000,000 gold
47Fox Tooth1 trivia point
48Picture of a Forest1 trivia point
49Moon in a Bottle1 trivia point
50Rotting Reed1 trivia point

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Aarchaeology item checklist: http://bit.ly/1gAjWkD(approve sites) - link is dead (Google Docs Spreadsheet was removed) (2021-10-30).