Each Immortal tends to have one (or more) custom-made pills specific to their Imm theme. These are often of most value to collectors; however, they also tend to contain beneficial spells that can be gained by eating them.

List of known Imm pills

[:aardbox] [:abl] @B(M)@W(G)@C(H) @y:@Y:@W: Obyron's Jagermei-- er "droid lubricant" :@Y:@y:@w [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @B(M)@W(G)@C(H) @gA@y@ge@yr@gi@ya@gn@yn@ge@w's Fairy Friday Pill [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @c(B)@B(M)@W(G)@C(H) @G(REAL) @RXeno's @YPill of @BAwesomeness@w [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @B(M) @WX@wantcha's @b"@Bfixed@b" @YDeck @wof @RCards@w [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @B(M) @rHalo's @WBroken @rImm @WPill@w @w [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @B(M) @CVitae's @MDrunken @GStupor@w @w [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @B(M) @WEcla's @YDrop Bear @WDroppings@w [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @B(M) @RI@rkyu@R'@rs @RH@rappy @RP@rill@w @w [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @B(M) @MClaire's Homemade Oatmeal Cookie@w @w [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @B(M) @GGlimmer's @WJagged @RLittle @YPill@w @w [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @B(M) @W100% @wPure @YCitronic Extract@w @w [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @B(M) @C.@co@CO @WKinson @CO@co@C. .@Wa@C.@Wla@C. @M.@mo@MO @WMode @MO@mo@M.@w @w [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @B(M) @RV@rladia's @RV@rampiric @RS@rtake and @RG@rarlic @RL@reftovers@w @w [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @B(M) @wDomain's little blue pill [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @B(M) @MR@mumour's @ML@mittle @MS@mecret@w @w [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @B(M) @Y)@WMoonshine@Y( @WGuinness @CWhoopie @WPies@w @w [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @B(M) @RBroud's @WMastery of @BIllusion@w @w [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @B(M) @wthe @GH@goly @GA@gvocado@w @w [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @B(M) @R(@r( @WRhuli Was Here @r)@R)@w @w [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @B(M) @CKorri's @YI Can't Believe Dexter was Right@w @w [@G1@w][abl:] [:abl] @B(M) @WLaren's @mBucket @Cof @RBacon@w @w [@G1@w][abl:] [aardbox:]

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