Each Immortal tends to have one (or more) custom-made pills specific to their Imm theme. These are often of most value to collectors; however, they also tend to contain beneficial spells that can be gained by eating them.

List of known Imm pills

 (M)(G)(H) ::: Obyron's Jagermei-- er "droid lubricant" :::
 (M)(G)(H) Aerianne's Fairy Friday Pill
 (B)(M)(G)(H) (REAL) Xeno's Pill of Awesomeness 
 (M) Xantcha's "fixed" Deck of Cards 
 (M) Halo's Broken Food Pill 
 (M) Vitae's Drunken Stupor 
 (M) Ecla's Drop Bear Droppings
 (M) Ikyu's Happy Pill 
 (M) Claire's Homemade Oatmeal Cookie  
 (M) Glimmer's Jagged Little Pill  
 (M) 100% Pure Citronic Extract 
 (M) .oO Kinson Oo. .oO Mode Oo. 
 (M) Vladia's Vampiric Stake and Garlic Leftovers 
 (M) Domain's little blue pill 
 (M) Rumour's Little Secret 
 (M) )Moonshine( Guinness Whoopie Pies 
 (M) Broud's Mastery of Illusion  
 (M) the Holy Avocado  
 (M) (( Rhuli Was Here )) 
 (M) Korri's I Can't Believe Dexter was Right 
 (M) Laren's Bucket of Bacon 

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