Upgrade Requests

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Help Category : Clan Management.
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Last Updated  : 2016-03-03 11:57:50.
Requests for upgrades must be posted on the 'upgrades' board to 'imm'.  If
your request is on another board, there is a very good chance of it being

Only clan leaders and manor owners may request upgrades.  If you are not a
clan leader, post your note to them and have them post it.  If your spouse
is the owner of the manor being upgraded, include them in the note so they
can give permission.  Upgrades stating 'My leader wants me to request these
upgrades' or 'Please change [this] in my spouse's manor' will not be

Please include all necessary information for each upgrade.  This includes
room key (clan-# or manor(etc)-#, not UID), mob or object keys as needed,
and all strings (see 'help strings') for each request.  Remember to include
shopkeeper mob keys as well for clan item upgrade requests.

Also include the help file and item number where the upgrade is listed,
along with costs and any tier discount (if applicable).  To find the
correct help file for your upgrade, use the following prefixes:
help cdef- lists clan defense upgrade categories
help ch- lists closed hall upgrade categories
help eq- lists clan equipment upgrade categories
help cm- lists clan management categories
help mu- lists manor upgrade categories

These steps will help the Imms complete the upgrade quickly and make sure
it is exactly what you desire.  Thanks for the cooperation!

An example note:

Please add a new room up from my current manor room (manor3-9999).  The
name of the room should be @GUp the Oak Tree@w.  I will add a description
later.  I am eligible for T1 discount.

In this new room, add a level 30 healer:
Name: manor healer hello nurse
Sex: female
Short: a nurse
Long: This nurse is more than happy to tend your wounds.
Dressed in the typical white outfit, this nurse is certainly ready to tend
to your needs.

Add a story to this healer: 
Time to take your temperature!  ...Oh!  Not that way!

Finally, add an exit north from this room to Aylor.

Total cost should be

MU-ROOMS 1.  Create a new room                 10tp
MU-MOBS  3.  Personal healer                3M      150
MU-MOBS  8.  Add/change a mob story       500k       25
MU-EXITS 1.  One-way exit to area           5M      250

Total is 8.5M/10tp/425qp, or 7.65M gp, 9tp, and 383qp after discount.