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 Qong!  Is it country or creature?  Or the sound of a gong?  Perhaps you
 have heard it in legend and song?  If you find yourself lost on a sparkling
 sea, and a gigantic shadow falls upon thee, well then look up and see.
 Climb into the citadel, floating over the waves, and unravel the ruler from
 rabble and slaves.  Solve the riddle of Qong and welcome the day when all of
 its wealth is a short wok away.

 Who is the true big cheese in Qong? Is it Qong? Is it Jack? Take a spin 
 with a salesman through Qong, find the big cheese, and then return to him 
 again with a savory morsel of a similar substance to achieve your goal.

 Level Range         : 200 to 201
 Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
 Goal Recommended at : Level 200
 Goal Min Level      : Level 200
 Goal Converter      : Ninja
 Area Author         : Gastro & Ninja

 Warrior class required for this goal.

 Area added December 18th, 2007.

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