Help Mobkeys

A key is a number assigned to a particular mobile, object, or room, which
helps uniquely identify it (it consists of the keyword of the area and an
index number- aylor-1, for example).  This is primarily used by Immortals,
but is also of interest to builders, clan leaders, and manor owners.

Once in a while, there may be issues that come up that are solved through
this explanation.  More than one "key" can have the same descriptions or 
other values; for example, two guards standing in a room may appear to be
identical, but are treated as different monsters by the MUD because they
have different keys.  This means you could have a quest or campaign to kill
a city guard, but only the third of four in a room shows the QUEST flag
or gives credit for a campaign/gquest kill.

Similarly, more than one instance of a key may be reset in an area.  thus,
you may see two guards in the room, both of which have the QUEST flag.  In
this case, killing either copy will give you the credit for the quest.
(Killing both, however, won't give you double the rewards if only one kill
is necessary.)

Editing an object key will change all instances of that object to the new
settings, unless that object has the 'precious' or 'unique' flags (see 
'help object flags').

There is also a video which demonstrates how mob keys work on Aardwolf: