Help Keywords : IMMC-mlist.
Help Category : Admin.
Related Helps : (Imm-only) Edit, MPlist, Resetlist, Rsearch, Okeys.
Last Updated : 2023-02-24 19:05:18.
Syntax: mlist (name) - Lists area mobs by mob-key.

        olist (name)  - Lists area objects by obj-key.
        rlist         - Lists area rooms by room-key.
        rlist 1       - Lists area rooms along with special exits & sectors.
        rlist 2       - Lists area rooms along with room flags.
        rlist 3       - Lists area rooms and resets in each room.
        rlist 4       - Lists area rooms showing room name in full.
        rlist 5       - Lists only rooms with custom exits and their details.
        rlist 6       - Lists shops / open shops in an area.
        rlist 7       - Lists area rooms with graffiti.
        rlist 8       - Lists rooms and any custom descriptions.

These commands all list information about the various parts of an area. Clan leaders may use these commands when in their own clan hall.

mlist will list all the mobs in the area, with key, level, short desc, and name.

olist will list objects by key, level, short desc, and type.

rlist will list the rooms, including name, key, heal/mana regen rate.

Both mlist and olist can take an argument to filter only mobs/objects with the given string in their keywords or short description.