Help Keywords : IMMC-STAT. Help Category : Admin. Related Helps : Recon, Showkeys (Imm Only). Last Updated : 2018-03-28 21:29:09.

Syntax: mstat <name>

        ostat <name>
        ostat <object ID>
        ostat 2.<object ID> gid
        rstat <room-key, optional>
        rstat <room id> (as shown via gmcp)
        zstat <area keyword, optional>

The stat commands are primarily of use to Immortals, though some mortals also may make use of it (see below). This command gives you very detailed information on an object, mobile, or room within the game. Without a class argument, the command will return an object (if found), a mobile (if no object exists, but a mobile does), or a room (if a room key is given). rstat with no argument stats the room you are currently in. When using the 'ostat' with an object ID, will be specific to that particular item. If trying to ostat a specific instance of the ID (for bugged purposes) using 1.<id> or 2.<id> require the 'gid' option at the end so the object knows it's looking for object id's not keywords.

Manor owners have access to 'rstat' for upgrade purposes. Clan leaders also have access to 'mstat', 'ostat', and 'rstat' for their clan's range only. The mortal versions of 'rstat' also include the room's resets.