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Giants are the largest of the races, ranging from 9-12 feet in height.
They are stronger than any other race, and even more durable than the
dwarves. They aren't too bright, however, and their huge size makes
them more clumsy than the other races.  Giants make the best warriors
of any race, but are ill-suited for any other profession. Giants resist
heat and cold with nary a mark, due to their huge mass, but their
slow minds make them extremely vulnerable to mental attacks.

                         STR  INT  WIS  DEX  CON LUCK
Giant Start Stats      :  16   11   12   12   14   10
Training Costs         :  -1   +1   +1    0   -1    0

Permanent Affects      : Fast healing.
Permanent Skills       : Bash.

NOTE: Stats are very important on Aardwolf. See 'help train' and 'help
      raceinfo' for information on max stats and the training costs.