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 Cradled in the forested nooks and valleys of the northern mountains lies the
 Village of Cradlebrook. Far removed from the worries of the outside world,
 the village was a haven of tranquility and peace until it recently came
 under attack by bandits and brigands.

 The town is split physically by Last Mountain Creek, a fast-flowing waterway
 that provides the village-folk with fish and drink. Inside, the villagers
 practice their craft as they always have: Telsa the Weaver provides
 clothing; Martu the Baker provides unleavened bread and fresh pastries; and
 Ison provides the weapons and armour in the rare event of war. Quiet for
 thousands of years, the village has been rediscovered by trackers and
 wood-folk. Previously hidden by the thick yew-trees of the forest valleys,
 thin trails have been cut into the land, and the way to the village is open.

 Level Range         : 30 to 50
 Goal Difficulty     : Easy
 Goal recommended at : Level 45
 Goal Converter      : Paramore
 Area Author         : Tir

 Area added Nov 11, 2005. Replaces Gnome Village.

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