Coral Kingdom

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 Since the dawn of time, the Coral Kingdom was a place of peace and 
 tranquility where mermaids and sharks lived together in the capital city, 
 Sharkatan. One day, disaster struck, and the king was overthrown by his most 
 trusted advisor. The king fled the city, and took refuge from the evil  
 tyrant, to wait for the day that he could be rightfully restored as king of 
 the Coral Kingdom.

 In the years that followed, the new ruler of the Coral Kingdom brought pain 
 and suffering to the mermaid citizens, whom he mercilessly mistreated. In 
 spite of the tyrant's rule, a few subjects still remain loyal to the true 
 king, and await the day of his return.

 Level Range         : 30 to 50
 Goal Difficulty     : Easy
 Goal Recommended at : Level 45
 Goal Converter      : Arthon
 Area Author         : Valkur

 Area added March 21, 1998.
 Goal added May 16, 2014.

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