Client Parsing

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 Many MUD clients will parse content before and after a semicolon as two
 separate commands.  This allows for the ability to stack multiple commands
 to execute right after each other.  However, this may sometimes lead to
 unexpected results.  If your client processes the semicolon as a command
 separator, for example:

 What you type:         alias healme get heal bag;quaff heal
 What the MUD sees:     alias healme get heal bag
                        quaff heal

 Similarly, using the Aardwolf MUSHclient and mapper:

 What you type:         mapper cexit sleep bed;stand
 What MUSHclient sees:  mapper cexit sleep bed
 What the MUD sees:     stand

 There are a few ways to prevent this issue:

 1- Use your client's literal character prior to the semicolon ( ~ in zMUD
    or a second semicolon in MUSHclient).
 2- Change/disable the separator character in zMUD ( View > Preferences >
    Special Characters).
 3- Disable parsing (in zMUD, ctrl-R toggles parsing on and off).

 For other clients, try searching the client documentation or website for
 'command stacking' or 'parsing'.

 zMUD users, note/description editor .commands (like .h for help) may be
 fixed via the same methods.