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 Help Category : Clans.
 Last Updated  : 2009-09-16 23:57:30.
 You may now change the objects in the range that is assigned to your clan 
 however you like. If the item you are changing has an upgrade price listed,
 you pay that price; otherwise, you pay as if the item were new.

 Existing items in the game will not be affected. For example, if item
 wolf-40 is a level 40 dagger and you change it to a level 80 earring,
 everyone that has the original item will STILL have their level 40 dagger.
 Changing/adding/removing flags will no longer affect copies of that item
 already in the game.

 The following changes will always cost the clan as if the item were new:

 Level changes
 Affect Point Changes
 Type Changes
 Wear Flag Changes

 For any other types of changes, see the specific item types.

 Note: The closed clan extra point can be added without the item being 
       charged as if the item were new.