Help Keywords : Claninfo.
 Help Category : Clans.
 Related Helps : Clans, Clist.
 Last Updated  : 2017-07-21 22:27:47.
 Syntax: claninfo (<clan name>)       : Show various clan information.
         claninfo (<clan name>) 2     : Show clan event messages.

 The claninfo command provides quick facts about a given clan, including the
 clan's leaders, ranks, special clan rooms, website, and other information.

 If you are in a clan, 'claninfo' with no other argument will default to your
 own clan.  If looking at your own clan's information, you will also see your
 clan's gold and quest point account balances.  An asterisk by a clan rank
 indicates the minimum rank required to 'clanadmin evict' defenders during a
 raid (see 'help clanadmin' and 'help raiding').

 You may see your own clan's event messages (login, logout, level, etc.) by
 typing 'claninfo <clanname> 2'.  Immortals may use 'claninfo <clanname> 2'
 to see any clan's event messages.