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 Last Updated  : 2018-07-22 18:07:00.
 NOTE: As of July 22nd, 2018, Cabal is no longer an active Aardwolf
       clan. This helpfile exists only to preserve Cabal history.

 In the beginning there was a single Elemental Overlord, Xarmaroch.
 Within his body and psyche consisted the four Prime Elements in their
 sentient form, Lithos (Earth), Pyros (Fire), Stratos (Air), and Hydros

 Xarmaroch was responsible for everything on the Material Plane. By
 combining his various powers he created light, life, death, and darkness,
 but within him the four Elements struggled for superiority and eventually
 weakened Xarmaroch. Hoping that he could quell the battle raging
 within, he fractured his body and created the four elemental planes,
 then he sent a part of his essence to each plane. Thus the Elemental Lords
 were born.

 Those on the Material Plane that had worshipped Xarmaroch were at a
 loss for he no longer heeded their calls and in his place were four
 infantile lords, each demanding obedience from the people. The followers
 of Xarmaroch could not decide among them which was the stronger element,
 so they too broke into four factions, each following their own lord.
 The opposing factions waged war after war for millennia, almost destroying
 one another but never truly gaining anything over the others.

 Eventually, four Masters, one from each faction, met to discuss the
 ongoing conflict. It was agreed that the four lords were too evenly
 balanced in power for a victor to emerge. Thus they combined their
 forces into one group.

 This group exists to this day in secret, gaining in power before
 revealing themselves to the world as a unified force. Their goal is
 to recombine the four wayward lords and resurrect Xarmaroch in his
 original form, thus bringing harmony to the Multiverse once more.

 Check for current clan requirements using the clan website listed in
 Claninfo Cabal.