Help Keywords : CM-Voteadmin.
 Help Category : Clan Management.
 Related Helps : Voting.
 Last Updated  : 2016-03-03 11:56:16.
 Syntax:  vote new <votename>                     : Creates new poll.
          vote set <vote#> <setting> <option(s)>  : Sets poll restrictions.
          vote start <vote#>                      : Finalizes/starts poll.
          vote delete <vote#> (confirm)           : Removes a poll.

 If you are considered the "owner" of a voting booth (i.e., clan leaders),
 the following additional 'vote' options may be used to set up polls.

 To create a poll, type 'vote new <brief description of vote>'.  The vote
 will be created and flagged inactive.  You will be informed of the vote
 number to use with the 'vote set' command.  All necessary fields must be
 set before a vote may be started.  

 Most generic voting booths have a two poll limit set.  Additional polls may
 be purchased at a cost to the owner at 10 Million per additional poll.
 Imms - See Help VB for additional settings.

 When you create a new vote, it is flagged inactive and cannot be started
 until all necessary options have been completed. The syntax to set the
 fields is:

    vote set vote# <field>

 The valid fields are listed below.  The value in parentheses is an
 abbreviation that can be used instead of the full field name.  Unless
 otherwise stated, the length of voting strings is 250 characters.

    desc (d)     : Changes the vote summary seen in 'vote list' (max length
                   of 50 characters).  For example, "Lunch Options".

    question (q) : The Detailed question that will be answered.  Following
                   the above example, "What should we order for lunch?".

    category (c) : (Optional) Categorizes the vote.  Valid settings here are
                   Mud, IRL, and Clan.  The default is Mud.

    minlevel (ml): (Optional) Sets a minimum/maximum level for the vote.
    maxlevel (hl): (To restrict to remort/tier only, see flags below.)  This
                   checks total level; e.g., a t0 2x level 10 is 211 levels.
                   Unless changed, the default 1 - 60,000 is used.

    minhours (mh): (Optional) Set min/max hours online, e.g., minimum 200
    maxhours (hh): hours to vote.  Default 0 - 50,000 is used if not set.

    end (e)      : Sets the date and time at which the poll will end and
                   results will be published.
                   Syntax looks like MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM

    option <#>   : Sets up to 20 possible vote choices.  Maximum of 60
    (o)            chars each.  Requires at least two choices minimum.

    flags <flags>: Sets and resets various flags to restrict who can vote
    (f)            and how results are displayed.  Flags include:

                     Leaderonly   - Only (any) clan's leaders can vote.
                     Helperonly   - Only Helpers may vote.
                     Clanonly     - Clanned (non-Loner/Outcast) only.
                     PKClanonly   - Only players in PK clans may vote.
                     NoPKClanonly - Only players in NoPK clans may vote.
                     Remortonly   - Characters must have remorted at least
                                    once.  (Includes single-class tiers.)
                     Tieronly     - Tiered characters only.
                     Private      - Private (clan-only) vote.  This is set
                                    by default; remove to hold a public poll
                                    in a public clan area.
                     HideResults  - Results will only be displayed once vote 
                                    is completed, not while vote is active.
                     Anonymous    - Only vote totals will be shown, not
                                    individual players' votes.

 Once all fields have been set on a new poll, the vote owner can start the
 vote using 'vote start #'. This will announce the vote on the voting 
 message board.  

 If a poll does not yet have any votes, a vote owner may also remove the poll
 completely using 'vote delete <vote#>'.  If there have already been votes
 placed, the owner may use 'vote delete <vote#> confirm.

 Note that public votes can only be created in clan voting booths when the
 booth is in a public room.  Booths in clan PK rooms can only host private
 polls for the clan members.