Help Keywords : CM-Clantrans.
 Help Category : Clan Management.
 Related Helps : Clan, Clanadmin.
 Last Updated  : 2017-03-16 20:36:35.
 Syntax:  clantrans <player>

 The 'clantrans' command allows a clan leader to create clan transporters 
 for members of their clan once the ability has been bought.

 To use this command, type 'clantrans {player}'. The recipient must be a
 member of your clan and online at the time of using this command.  The
 transporter is owned to the player and the player's name is added as a
 keyword to the portal.

 Clan transporters are removed from a player automatically upon outcast.

 Warning: This command is ONLY to be used to create clan transporters
 for members to use as a means of transport. Any attempts to use clan
 transporters for anything aside from their intended use will be dealt
 with harshly.

 Note: The flag 'noshare' is now available. This flag prevents clan 
   transporters from being worn and used by the spouses of clan members.
   Clan leaders may post a request on the upgrades board for the noshare
   flag to be added to their clan transporter.