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 Last Updated  : 2020-07-23 14:52:56.
 Clan Defense: Maze Locations

 CDEF-Buffer Change main world exit (CUMULATIVE over 12mo)      15M

 There is a strict set of rules for clan maze locations:

 1) A level 15 character without pass door, invis, or sneak must
    be able to walk there from recall.

 2) If there are any aggressive monsters in the path, the mob reset
    must be level 15 or less.

 3) If any keys are required, the mob holding the key must have a
    mob reset of level 15 or less.

 4) The area may not be level locked, and may not pass through any
    rooms flagged as private or solitary.  This means that any room
    in the path or immediately preceding the buffer may not have a 
    Maxchars setting other than 0.

 5) If the path goes through a maze, the path from start to finish
    of the maze section must be no more than 3 steps.  Please note
    that a maze room is strictly defined as one that has randomized
    exits- resulting in a changing path after each repop.

 6) The path cannot require triggering a mob program to get there,
    and no mob with a transfer type program can load in the final room.

 7) The destination can NOT be in a PK room.

 8) The path to the maze, including the destination room, cannot be through 
    rooms in which normal exit commands are obscured by mob, room or object

 9) The path to the maze, from the area entrance, cannot include going 
    through a room portal or a custom exit. (added 23 Jul 2020).

 Additionally, the following is a list of exclusions. You may NOT
 place your clan maze in any of these areas:

                     A Bad Trip
                     All open clan areas
                     Estate Areas
                     Lasher's Play Area
                     ALL continents are also disallowed at this time
                     Links to areas that are on Vidblain are disallowed at 
                          this time
                     Any room directly past a custom exit

 Imms: When you remove a buffer room exit please remember to unlink 
 rather than delete the exit. Please check that you have done this
 correctly by using 'exlist'. The exits leading to the buffer room 
 from outside areas should total 1!