Mudlet Aardwolf GUI

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Mudlet Aardwolf GUI (MAG) is set of enhancements for Mudlet client created specially for Aardwolf mud. Mudlet is multi platform graphical client, which is supporting many interesting features including all standard ones like triggers, aliases, scripts, keys, ... together will extensive support for Lua scripting. (You can easily find few online tutorials including videos if you are interested.)


MAG supports following main features:

  • chat log - all communication won't get lost in battle spam
  • extra info - quick overview of quest and campaign
  • mini map - simply shows your surrounding
  • stats monitor - graphical representation of hp, mana, moves and enemy hp during fight
  • status area - capturing most of the stats, quest time and current room name
  • statistic simple statistic module to track your progress
  • + tons of useful aliases and triggers

MAG in Action

You can get more info within User Interface section.

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  • Let us know on Aardwolf tech forum if you have any suggestions or feedback.
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  • You can also ask for immediate help on tech channel.
	tech <your question>

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MAG change log - also contains upcoming features

Release 1.0.7 is very important because it's using Aardwold channel 102 for character setup. This means that you can easily use MAG from your Linux, MUSHClient from windows and telnet from your phone (you need to use tags off command within telnet). Another big improvement is simplification of upgrade process.

!!! Everyone is strongly encouraged to get latest and upgrade !!! (check Upgrade Process)

Obsolete releases:


  1. Install Mudlet client
    • this step depends on your platform
    • Please install Mudlet 1.1.1, because everything was tested there
  2. Start Mudlet and connect to Aardwolf
    • this will create your profile, that will contain all triggers and scripts
  3. Optional step - set Mudlet command separator to ;;
    • click on Settings (alternatively select Options > Preferences from main menu)
    • choose Input line tab
    • enter ;; as command separator
  4. Import MAG scripts and triggers from xml file
    • Note: see Upgrade Process if you are making upgrade.
    • click on Scripts (alternatively select Toolbox > Script Editor from main menu)
    • click on Import button (located on the top toolbar)
    • select MAG.xml as import file (you will need to download and extract ZIP file first)
    • close Script Editor window
    • Connect to Aardwolf and put in: !MAG.avatarSetup() :This is very important to make all the features work.
  5. Skip this step entirely if you have version 1.0.6 or never - Enable required tags for your Aardwolf character
    • ensure that you are connected and logged into Aardwolf
    • Warning: following command will enable required tags and also change your prompt. If you wish to retain your current prompt type auto and take down your prompt and battle prompt. You can set it back with following prompt and bprompt commands:
      • prompt [%h/m/N Xtnl] @G{%r}@w >
      • bprompt [%h/m/N %Xtnl]@C%b @w>
    • copy and paste following command which will enable required tags for logged in character
    • Note: copy and paste will be better than typing, cause capital letter will move you around ;)
    • Note: You might want to disable all tags with following command if you are using multiple different clients with same character (for example Mudlet on Linux, MUSHClient on Windows)
  6. Restart Mudlet
    • save your profile on exit (Do you want to save the profile)
  7. Optional step - enable extra tick information (this will allow MAG to display quest time information)
    • login Aardwolf
    • type tickinfo to enable it
      • you should receive following message: You will now see additional information at tick.
      • if not then just type it again

Upgrade Process

Open Script Editor and perform following steps to upgrade your MAG package

MAG 1.0.7 and later

  1. backup your MAG Configuration
    • go to Scripts > MAG > Aardwolf Configuration > User Configuration and copy/remember your settings
  2. delete all MAG packages
    • Triggers > MAG
    • Aliases > MAG
    • Scripts > Geyser
    • Scripts > MAG
    • Keys > MAG
  3. import new version of MAG
  4. restore your MAG Configuration
    • go to Scripts > MAG > Aardwolf Configuration > User Configuration and restore your settings from copy or memory
  5. restart Mudlet

pre 1.0.7 release (only high level steps)

  1. export all your triggers, aliased, scripts.. (one by one)
  2. backup your MAG Configuration
  3. delete everything from your profile (you might want to Save Profile As to back it up)
  4. import updated package (MAG in your case)
  5. import your own stuff (scripts, triggers, ...)
  6. restore your MAG Configuration
  7. restart Mudlet

Un-Installation (or usage with different client)

You can easily uninstall MAG or use it simultaneously with different client. All following changes are transparent for MAG, because it will automatically setup all required tags on start up (via channel 102). You just have to disable few tags for other clients, that are not able to use same automatic setup (for example telnet).

  • log into Aardwolf (with your new client)
  • disable extra settings that MAG created with following commands (expected messages are in brackets):
    • tags off (Tags are now off.)
    • autotick (You will not be informed when the mud 'ticks'.)
    • shortmap (You will now see the map without blank lines.)

Note: You will need to set main windows borders to 0 (Settings > Main display > Display Border), if you are planning to remove MAG and keep using Mudlet.


User Interface

click on thumbnail for full size image

Chat Log

Chat Log is simply capturing all communication and some extra information like wars and info messages.

Extra Info

Bottom right area is dedicated to quest/campaign and global information.

Mini Map

Mini Map is capturing and showing your surrounding. You can find it in bottom left corner.

Stats Monitor

Stats Monitor is showing graphical representation of hp, mana, moves and enemy hp during fight.

Status Area

Status area (bottom part of screen) is showing extended information about your character.


MAG will track some basic statistic for you and print it out each 30 minutes. MAG is tracking two sets of statistic: session and stats for last X minutes.
  • Session statistic are simply capturing all data (and cannot be reset).
  • Stats for last X minutes are using just numbers from last X minutes (this is for example helpful if you want to asses new area).
Sample statistic output is below:
	Session statistics for last 62 minutes:
	   Kills        37       0.6/min
	   Gold      16862     272.0/min     455.7/kill
	   Exp        9651     155.7/min     260.8/kill
	   QP           25       0.4/min

	Statistics for last 9 minutes:
	   Kills         8       0.9/min
	   Gold       3195     355.0/min     399.4/kill
	   Exp        1285     142.8/min     160.6/kill
	   QP            0       0.0/min
You can control you statistic with 'stat' command:
  • stat help (short version is s ?) will print all statistics commands.
  • stat print (short version is s p) will print out your statistics.
  • stat reset (short version is s r) will reset/enable your from last X minutes.
  • stat hide (short version is s h) will hide your from last X minutes e.g. those statistics will not be printed out.

Tick Timer

Tick Timer is indication when will be next Mud tick. (This usually happen every 30s.) Tick Timer is located left of the mini map.

Auto Re-Spellup

This script is automatically trying to invoke spellup command every time when some spell worn out.
Auto re spellup is disabled by default. You can enable/disable this with toggle Re-SpellUp button.
End of spellup is indicated by blue {spellup-end} message.

Barter Watcher

Would it be nice to track all goods on the market even when you are AFK? This simple trigger will show details of any item on auction/market.
This could be very spamy, so it is disabled by default. You can enable/disable this with toggle Barter Watcher button.

Basic Key Shortcuts

This is not full list, see Script Editor > Keys for more.

  Tab               auto completion from screen buffer
  Arrow up          auto completion from commands history (this is case sensitive)
  PgUp / PgDown     scroll main console
  Ctrl + Enter      close scroll buffer split screen

  Shift + A         go west
  Shift + D         go east
  Shift + W         go north
  Shift + S         go south
  Shift + Q         go down
  Shift + E         go up

  #                 look around and show exits
  ~                 open all doors

Note: I don't have full keyboard, so I cannot create mapping for numpad. It would be great if somebody can provide that.

Basic Aliases

This is not comprehensive list, see Script Editor > Aliases for more.

  ga          get all
  da          drop all
  sa          sacrifice all

  v           where   Example: v rat
  x           scan    Example: x rat
  ca          consider all mobs in the room
  va          where all e.g where 1.mob, where 2.mob, ...   Example:  va rat
  ha          hunt all - similar to where all alias         Example:  ha rat 

  .           use portal to recall (you have to set this up in Aardwolf Config)

  qr          get to the Aylor and ask for quest
  qc          get to the Aylor and complete quest

  ll          list learned combat spells
  lll         list learned spells
  lk          last kills

  s ?         statistic help
  s p         statistic print
  s r         statistic reset

  bed         recall, eat and go to sleep
  inv         use Aardwolf ring of invisibility

  rep         repeat command               Example:  rep 3 say WOW!
  loop        repeat command with index    Example:  loop 3 ide, bag
  bfind       search in main console       Example:  bfind gold
                                           Example:  bfind[3] gold
  !           execute Lua command          Example:  !echo("Hello from Lua")


Mudlet Configuration

You can easily modify main font size, word wrapping and many other things through Settings (Options > Preferences from main menu or Settings button).

  • I would recommend to change command separator to ;; so you can do smiley ;-) (see Installation step 3)

MAG Main Configuration

Most of the MAG settings are available within Scripts > Aardwolf Configuration > User Configuration. (Please don't edit other two files in same group!)

You have to Save Item, Save Profile, close Script Editor and restart Mudlet after all your changes.
  • AConf.GUI group
    • AConf.GUI.Right_wrap (number or characters in right area - this will determine width of chat log)
    • AConf.GUI.Right_fontsize (font size of chat log)
    • AConf.GUI.Bottom_fontsize (font size of mini map, stat monitor, extra info ...)
    • NOTE: If you have any troubles with font size/wrap than make if very small (font=8, wrap=40). You can experiment and make it bigger later...
  • AConf.Enabled group (everything that is starting with AConf.Enabled) - you can enable / disable MAG components here. See few examples bellow.
    • AConf.Enabled.Bottom = false (set this to false if you wish to completely hide all bottom components like mini map and stat mon)
    • AConf.Enabled.ReSpellUp = true (enable automatic respell up by default)
    • AConf.Enabled.TickTimer = true (this will enable tick timer)
    • AConf.Enabled.PromptHiding = false (disable prompt hiding during specific command, set this it you are not using prompt at all)
  • AConf.Actions - allows to set up some action which are used by some aliases
    • AConf.Actions.spellUp (self spell up command e.g. following one is good for cleric: "spellup learned wis;; spellup learned, used by 'F2' key for spellup)
    • AConf.Actions.usePortalToRecall (use portal to recall - for example enter;;d if you are holding academy portal)
      • You can put there more complicated command e.g. something like hold portal ;; use portal ;; hold original item ;; go to recall.
      • This is used by 'qr', 'qc' and 'dot' (.) aliases for getting back to the recall
      • You might want to put same command into you runprefix (read in game 'help runprefix') to be able use rt <area> from anywhere.
    • AConf.Actions.runToQuestor (way from recall to your preferred questor - for example runto questor, used by 'qr' and 'qc' aliases)
    • AConf.Actions.recallEatAndSleep (your preferred sleep action, used by 'bed' alias)
      • following will get you to Academy bed and drink from fountain on the way
      "recall ;; run u3n ;; drin ;; run 5nen ;; sle bed"
  • AConf.Questors
    • Allows to define extra questor with specific name e.g. questor from your manor
    • NOTE: please let me know if there are some publicly available questors missing in the list

MAG Other Configuration

  • Keys Configuration
you can easily add/modify action keys e.g. assign some action to pressed key. You will find it under Script Editor > Keys)
  • Sound - Mudlet have ability to play sound on any trigger, but you need to set it up first. See Triggers > Sound Alerts for some examples.
    • Windows (Open you trigger that should play sound via Script Editor > Triggers. You will need to check Play sound check box on the right side and choose audio file.)
    • Mac X (This should be same as for Windows)
    • Linux (There if bug in Mudlet that's preventing to play sound. Fortunately there is quite easy workaround. See Triggers > Sound Alerts for exact command.)
  • GAG lines (delete lines)
    • You can very simply create your own triggers to delete lines. See Triggers > MAG > Gag/Delete Lines for example.