Creator: Zafirah Maarek
 Level Range: 150-170 (Lock: 110)
 Repop Message: The howling of direwolves chills you to the bone.



Winterlands lies in the frozen hills of Gelidus. It is a peaceful place with the usual lords, ladies, and occassional royalty stopping by for a visit. Life at the keep is never dull what with weddings being planned and the stories to be heard from its residents. There are secrets in Winterlands, secrets that become more obvious after wandering the halls of the keep. What are the relations between the people of Winterlands and the ever present direwolves?

 Area Level Range    : 150 to 170
 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Recommended at : 150
 Goal Minimum Level  : 110
 Goal Converter      : Zafirah and Akirian 
 Area Author         : Zafirah (layout by Maarek)

This area replaces Winterfell (author Maarek).



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