Creator: Khelda
 Level Range: 10-40
 Repop Message: Thundering hooves sound in the distance.

Long ago and far away in the outer reaches of Gelidus a nation of centaurs settled within the cold forest of Koloma. Hidden within a dense forest, the noble creatures strive to maintain their customs and traditions behind a wall of secrecy and illusion. Although serene temperaments prevail, within each citizen lies the heart of the warrior. Trained from an early age, the centaurs guard their home jealously, particularly from Human intruders. Elves, sprites, dryads and others of mythic origins are always welcome, however Humans have ever been the enemy, bringing death and destruction to the forest. Trolls and giants might be tolerated, but proof of peaceful intent will probably be demanded.

 Level Range         : 10 to 40
 Goal Difficulty     : Easy
 Goal Recommended at : Level 10
 Goal Converters     : Khelda & Paramore
 Area Author         : Khelda

Notes: This area replaces Antharia.


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