Wayward Alehouse

 Creator: Accora
 Level Range: 70-90
 Repop Message: A carriage drops off another shipment of ale and the party continues!



Situated in the middle of the Desolate Pridelands of the Dark Continent, Abend, a lonely structure stands out, clashing against the drab grey and brown background. An oasis of sorts, the Wayward Alehouse exists as the sole sign of civilization as far as the eye can see. Though the Pridelands are desolate, as their name would suggest, the land immediately surrounding the Alehouse seems to have failed to notice, as grass sprouts and trees grow.

Even from outside, one can easily hear the chatter of dozens of conversations, the roar of merry drinking songs, the boom of the house band directing patrons to dance, and the occasional clinking together of mugs as someone toasts to good health. Truly, the Wayward Alehouse is party central of the Desolate Pridelands.

 Level Range           : 70 to 90
 Goal Difficulty       : Medium
 Goal Recommended at   : 90
 Goal Converter        : Accora
 Area Author           : Accora


This area replaces the Adventurer's Wayhouse.


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